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Be sure to check out our list of FAQs below.

  • What is Code Assist?

    Code Assist is an app designed to help Emergency Personnel and First Responders track operations during a cardiac arrest. With the dedicated, customizable button interface, Code Assist can log and timestamp every event, and prompt you with audible and visual alarms on time-sensitive operations. At the end of your code, you can share/export your log in various formats for easy report generation.

    Code Assist is a Progressive Web App (or PWA) that can be installed on nearly any device with nearly any operating system. This ensures you have the exact same experience across all of your devices, no matter where you use it.

    Code Assist is the product of a 22-year veteran paramedic and a good friend who designs web pages as a personal hobby. We're not a money-hungry design firm with a ton of overhead and consulting costs. And best of all, the design is already done and published - anyone can begin using it today. The app is designed to minimize cost and maximize value; you won't find ads anywhere because nothing should distract you in those critical, life-saving moments. If you feel so inclined to help offset costs for domain name registration, there is a Give Butter campaign available on our Contribute page.

    To learn more about Code Assist and how it works, visit our Tutorials page. There you can find fully-narrated video walkthroughs demonstrating the use and customization of every feature in the app.

  • Who created Code Assist?

    My name is Jesse. I'm a follower of Jesus, husband to a beautiful wife, and father to four vibrant boys, living a nice life in the Midwestern United States. I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineer by trade, so I do have some education in the realm of software development, but website design has really just been a hobby of mine for about the last 20 years.

    A good friend of mine, a 22-year veteran paramedic, approached me with an idea for a Cardiac Arrest assistant app. He highlighted many of the issues with existing apps (i.e. no Android support, screen turns off if you don't press a button, etc...) and figured that together we could make a tool that better serves emergency personnel. Code Assist is that tool. Completely customizable, incredibly flexible, designed by and for first responders to help you do your job more efficiently so that we can save more lives together.

    Thank you, on behalf of the citizens you serve, for going out and doing what you do. You make a big difference everyday. I'd be honored to have Code Assist along for the ride.

  • Who can use Code Assist?

    Code Assist is a Progressive Web App. That means you can use it in your web browser or as a standalone app on pretty much any device regardless of your operating system. The app is published and available for use. There are no limitations or restrictions, and no further development costs - it's all done. If you like the app, your team can start using it today.

  • How much does it cost?

    Code Assist is a website, free and open to the public. There are no "premium" features unlocked for paying members. Everything is available because an app like this truly can save lives and, in the end of the day, bringing people home to their families is more important than the little bit of ad revenue I may be able to make off something like this.

    If you do appreciate this app and want to lend some financial support to cover the costs for domain name registration, you can donate to the Give Butter campaign on our Contribute page. No obligations, but I appreciate your support.

  • Can I customize the layout?

    Code Assist was designed from the ground up with flexibility and customization in mind. I know every person is different, all devices are different, and teams want a way to quickly synchronize features across all devices. So Code Assist allows you to customize pretty much anything you can imagine.

    To learn more about customization options, check out our App Customization series on the video Tutorials page.

  • Does it work offline?

    Visit the website while you do have internet access and install the app to your device (this is necessary if you want offline access). All necessary features to run a code will be cached locally on your device, allowing you to log all events regardless of your internet access situation. If you have not installed the app to your device, you will not be able to access the website when you lose internet connectivity.

    In order to reduce the size of cached assets on your device, some non-essential pages and features may not be available offline. You'll regain access to those features as soon as you regain connectivity. But everything required to run a code will always be available.

    Obviously, you won't be able to share/export your log while you don't have internet access, but it will be saved and accessible in your Past Logs so you can export it at a later time, when you regain connectivity.